Breakthrough Curve Presentations at the AIChE 2017 Annual Meeting November 2nd

Dr. Charles Thibault is going to do two Breakthrough Curve presentations at the Quantachrome Instruments Sponsored Technology Workshop at the AIChE 2017:

Methods of Characterization and Evaluation of Adsorbents for Industrial Applications

Thursday, November 2, 11:30 AM -12:00 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center, Room 101J
Charles Thibault
Use of Dynamic Breakthrough Measurements for Characterization of Adsorbents and Optimization of Separation Processes
Use of adsorbents, both naturally occurring and synthetic, for the separation and purification of gasses has been around for many years. Although these processes are well developed, the introduction of new adsorbents and the need to optimize the existing processes, results in the need for better understanding of the competitive adsorption and equilibrium conditions of the gas-solid system. Optimizing the parameters of the separation process in a production environment, even in a pilot plant, can be very costly. The ability to model these systems in a benchtop system, in the lab, under controlled conditions, is a valuable tool in improving the efficiency of these processes. We will discuss the use of a commercially available dynamic breakthrough apparatus for the development and optimization of gas separation and purification processes.

Thursday, November 2, 12:00 – 12:30 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center, Room 101J
Use of an Advanced Simulation Package for Predicting Breakthrough Behavior of Gas Mixtures from Single-Component Isotherms
The ability to evaluate parameters of a separation process and predict multi-component adsorption of complex systems is a valuable tool in design and optimization of separation and purification systems. Trial and error, using a breakthrough apparatus can be very time consuming and costly, and my not result in a true optimization of the process. We will discuss the use of a powerful dynamic simulation program, which can be used to optimize parameters and predict the competitive adsorption behavior of gas mixtures on various adsorbents.

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