to Dynamic Sorption! This site collects and summarizes all the features, advantages, examples and knowledge of dynamic sorption (or flow sorption) methods. Feel free to browse through the pages about breakthrough curves, mixture adsorption and the commercial breakthrough analyzer mixSorb and our documents (Resources) and do not hesitate to ask our experts with any questions you have!

Presentations and Posters of the Leipziger Symposium 2018

We want to thank all participants and speakers for their contributions to the Leipziger Symposium 2018! The presented material and the talks in-between gave a deep insight into dynamic sorption processes with a theoretical, experimental and application point-of-view....
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We are presenting about Breakthrough Experiments at CPM8

Dr. Robert Eschrich is going to present "Flexible MOFs for Gas Separation – A Case Study Based on Static and Dynamic Sorption Experiments" at the CPM8 In Delray beach, Florida. The talk is in cooperation with the INC, Leipzig. Time: Tuesday, May 8th, 5:20 pm....