EBA 13, Encontro Brasileiro sobre Adsorção, December 3rd, 2020

In many applications organic compounds have to be removed from wet gas mixtures. To improve the efficiency of such applications, investigations of different materials under same conditions are necessary. However even for activated carbons, the preconditioning of the samples can result in opposite data if the humidity is direct dosed with the organic compound or if the sample was fully equilibrated before. Here we determined breakthrough curves of propane with already with water equilibrated activated carbon at different relative humidities. Vice versa a sample, equilibrated with propane before dosing water was under Investigation. One can show a high uptake for propane on the samples with an amount of water below the capillary condensation. The sample preconditioned at higher relative humidities exhibits a very low uptake for propane, indicates a hindered accessibility of the surface by the liquid-like water in the mesopores of the sample.

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