Dr. Andreas Möller presents at the EBA-13 (online)

Dr. Andreas Möller is going to present “Characterization of sorption kinetics of CO2 from N2-rich gas mixtures studied by breakthrough experiments on Zeolites” at the EBA-13 Conference, which is a 100 % online event between November 30th and December 3rd.

The removal of CO2 from CO2 containing gas mixtures is an important step in many gas cleaning and gas separation processes. For dry gas mixtures this aim can be realized by adsorption of CO2 on zeolites. In this study different commercial available zeolites were measured with CO2 containing N2-rich gas mixtures with velocities between 0.4 m s‑1 and 1.4 m s‑1. The breakthrough of CO2 on zeolite 3A results in a spontaneous breakthrough curve due too narrow pore size in this material and therefore by kinetic-steric exclusion of CO2. All other zeolites exhibit high sorption capacities, attended by huge heat effects. The study will demonstrate that in all cases heat effects and the shape of the isotherms must be taken into account to get linear driving force constants from such breakthrough experiments.    

For more information about the event and registration, please visit the events webpage.

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