02/2016, Conference: Jahrestreffen der Fachgruppen Adsorption und Gasreinigung

Modeling of dynamic sorption processes is very useful for the understanding of sorption characteristics on fixed bed adsorbers. With the help of such tools, the experimental time can be drastically reduced and parametric studies can be easily performed. Within the package of the new dynamic sorption analyzer mixSorb L* for the investigation of breakthrough characteristics, the simulation and evaluation tool 3P sim* is provided. This software allows the calculation of equilibrium data of mixtures from pure component isotherms, as well as the evaluation of breakthrough curves, based on mass- and energy balances. The available solver is easy to handle and can also be operated by untrained operators. As an example, the calculation of CH4 / CO2 breakthrough curves in He on activated carbon is shown.

* The instrument is called “dynaSorb BT” on the poster, and the software is called “dynaSIM”.

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