Quantachrome GmbH & Co. KG turns into 3P INSTRUMENTS

Quantachrome GmbH turns into 3P Instruments

New name, same team: 3P INSTRUMENTS

Our company name has changed, that’s the reason for the actual press release below. For our customers, suppliers and other bussiness partners: adresses, phone numbers and email adresses are the same as before, please enter only our company name in your files. All our employees are on board ! – so your contact persons to discuss your applications and other questions are the same friendly and experienced people from the service, lab, sales and administration as before. And it is quite easy: as our customer you will get the summarized information by email in few days in more detail. Our email adresses will change then, but also that won’t be a special problem for you: after our email to you, please use our new email adresses in the future, but the old email adresses will work in the background for a long time to prevent possible problems. So, if you need further details or do you have questions, simply contact info@3P-instruments.com or
We look forward to further good cooperation,


Press release

Odelzhausen, June 2018

In February 2018, the manufacturer of analytical instruments in the USA, Quantachrome Corporation, USA, was sold. The May 2018 marks the end of more than 25 years of cooperation of that company with the independent German company Quantachrome GmbH & Co. KG and requires a restructuring of the company. Quantachrome GmbH & Co. KG, situated in Odelzhausen, has successfully completed this restructuring and transition by changing into 3P INSTRUMENTS GmbH & Co KG in a matter of weeks and is on course for future growth.  „3P INSTRUMENTS starts with a new name into a new phase of development and will make its public debut on ACHEMA in hall 4.2, booth F36,” stated by Dr. Dietmar Klank, CEO.

3P INSTRUMENTS stands for „Characterization of particles-powders-pores“ and a stronger orientation towards international markets. Company growth in recent years was based on the traditional sales and service model, complemented by increased turnovers in laboratory contract analysis and its own R&D with their own instruments. As a German market leader in the field of particle analysis this success is now to be adapted towards other European countries.

All current terms and conditions for business, sales and deliveries as well as the addresses of the company headquarters and all offices remain valid, only the company name and label will change.

3P INSTRUMENTS is looking to continue its excellent relationship with customers, partners and suppliers and will regularly report on current developments under www.3P-instruments.com. Sales and laboratory contracts as well as service, maintenance and calibrations will be conducted as before.


CEO Dr. Dietmar Klank

Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 12
85235 Odelzhausen

Tel.    +49 8134 9324 0
Fax    +49 8134 9324 25

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