Leipziger Symposium on Dynamic Sorption

The Leipziger Symposium 2023 is again part of the Adsorption Week 2023!

We look forward to welcoming you in person in Leipzig or digitally in April 2023! Registration is now open (see form below).

On April 25th and 26th, various lectures will be held around static and dynamic gas adsorption for the characterization of innovative novel porous materials. The event will span from characterization to application of novel porous materials with reference to classical everyday topics of exhaust air purification or gas separation processes as well as current research topics in the field of decarbonization strategy (removal of CO2 from air or process gases) or hydrogen production and purification. During the breaks and lunch, all topics can be deepened in small groups.

On April 27th (9 am – 3 pm), an interactive on-site PhD workshop will be held to train scientific presentation and discussion on own and others’ research topics.


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Register online for the Adsorptionweek 2023

Please use the registration form on the 3P Instruments webpage.

Leipziger Symposium News

Presentations, Posters and Pictures of the Leipziger Symposium 2017

Presentations, Posters and Pictures of the Leipziger Symposium 2017

We want to thank all participants and speakers for their contributions to the Leipziger Symposium 2017! The presented material and the talks in-between gave a deep insight into dynamic sorption processes with a theoretical, experimental and application point-of-view....

30.05.2017: Leipziger Symposium – Dynamische Sorptionsverfahren

30.05.2017: Leipziger Symposium – Dynamische Sorptionsverfahren

In 2017, the Institute for Nonclassical Chemistry (INC) in Leipzig celebrates its 20th anniversary. At the INC, sorption and its wide range of applications have become established as a major work area. Emphasis is placed on dynamic sorption processes. These are not...

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